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Why Coaching?

Coaching provides structure and support to help you bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be.  

As a prophet, Nissi doesn't just use standard coaching methods to help you reach goals. She taps into the wisdom of God and the present voice of the Lord to help you remove barriers and transform your life in supernatural ways.


Coaching by nature is goal based and solution focused. It provides a fast track to realize your dreams and to take you from wishing to doing and achieving.

Is Coaching Right For You?

Coaching is the perfect solution if you...

"All I can say is wow..."

I decided to work with Nissi because I am single and have not been able to find my "covenant relationship".  I've dated but it always ends in a big let down.  Nissi helped me get to the root of what was affecting my ability to get married.  I am happy to report that I met Mr. Right and we are engaged.  Looking back, I know it was my time with Nissi that made everything come into alignment before I met my fiancé. 

-Kimberly S., Atlanta, GA


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